Dear Testers,

Please read this section in its entirety. Below you will find general testing submission requirements and above you will find the physical testings requirements chart.

The testing submission process is as follows:

  1. Identify the test event and date below (if multiple tests date options are shown)
  2. Fill out the Black Belt Application by the due date
  3. Upload the required testing documents
  4. Make testing fee payment to your school

When uploading the required documents please make sure each document has testers name, school name and document name. For example “John Smith, Folsom TKD, photo”

Here are the documents that need to be uploaded:

Essay – Please see requirement chart above for topic of essay and length.

– All essays must be size 12 easy-to-read font.

– Must be single spaced.

– Testers name at the top of the essay.

Please do not go below or beyond the required pages. 


–  This photo will be used for your credentials (ID card).

– ONLY JPG files are accepted (this photo should be high resolution).

-Don’t submit pictures with hats.

-Leave room around headshot for cropping.

Last Kukkiwon Certificate or Card

-If you are requesting Kukkiwon for 2nd Dan or above, you must upload a photo of your last Kukkiwon Certificate or Card.

– ONLY JPG files are accepted. 


– Testimonials are optional. 

– If your testimonial is selected, you will be asked to read it at the Black Belt Award Ceremony.